Discover our White Paper about Ease in the workplace

The data and quotes gathered during the process have fuelled our belief in the following: From Effort to “Ease”, there is but one step and yet, it changes everything. Yes, reaching Excellence in quality of service can be achieved by monitoring the “Ease” of Customers and the Employees who serve them.

The findings presented in this White Paper are the outputs of extensive research as well as tests that were supplemented by an online survey and interviews conducted amongst numerous Brands (to be warmly thanked here for their time and precious inputs).

Content of the White Paper

  • When Effort becomes Ease
  • Opting for Ease
  • The 6 dimensions of Ease
  • One journey, different behaviors
  • Employees and customers, joint producers of the same service
  • Measuring experience along journeys
  • How the Customer Employee Easy Score (C2ES) benefits Customer Relationship

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