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We help companies develop innovative approaches and provide their customers with extraordinary experiences. Our consultants, expert in Design Thinking, propose you “to do things differently and better” in a principle of co-creation.


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“Our specifications were so complex, however Extens’ approach and the senior consultants’ team met all our prerequisites and expectations. Extens identified our needs very quickly `{`…`}` and offered a really innovative customer relationship framework `{`…`}`. We wish that everyone could go through changes accompanied by such a systemic approach.”

Marketing director

We needed an expert in Customer Relationship and Customer Journey to provide out-of-the-box thinking and to support us through the change. Agile, responsive and proactive… the Extens Consulting team met this challenge.

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Jean-Marc Pénélaud

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Emmanuel Richard



« In increasingly competitive markets, where products are commonplace, and are no longer sufficient to make a difference, it is important to focus on service and customer relationships. At Extens Consulting, we help you conceive and imagine new customer experiences in a concrete way. Together, we co-build the future of what you will offer your customers. »