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The pandemic has negatively impacted team dynamics. The solution? Camaraderie.

Business communities worldwide have seen profound isolation and dislocation as result of the pandemic. Now is the time for management to take actions and generate productive working relationship after months of remote work. A valuable solution is the development of camaraderie.

To continue our discussion about camaraderie, here is a video that expresses its value as seen by MyExtens. (👉 https://www.extens-consulting.com/en/…).

Learn about camaraderie in a business setting and how it improves productivity. Our MyExtens partner, Marty Katz, Marketing Consultant specialized in Brand Messaging, talks about Camaraderie and highlights its relevance as we emerge from the pandemic.

Today we are witnessing a new revolution, precisely, the customer experience revolution after the industrial revolution and the digital revolution.

Welcome in the Customer Experience Economy !

Extens Consulting is a French multinational firm specialized in Customer Experience and Customer Relationship.

We are proudly presenting you The Minute Extens video series, aiming to guide you in practical ways to redefine and boost your Customer Relationship.

Sale of goods, administrative management, provision of services, etc…. The B2B2C chain is present in many of our businesses. How does it apply to our daily lives?

Laura explains in a few words the meaning of B2B2C.

The rules of the game in the field of health care are changing! Until recently the clinical aspects of hospital care received most attention.

Now the entire patient experience has been shown to impact quality of care and patient satisfaction is a key priority for physicians and hospitals.