Camaraderie Spark: The Productivity Tool for the Hybrid Workplace

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In the increasingly popular hybrid workplace models, both business leaders and team members report that they miss the trust and friendship they experience in mutual work environments.

They feel left out, disconnected. This separation, leaders observe, diminishes productivity and loyalty.

What's missing? Camaraderie.

All members of an organization want to feel they are not just individuals toiling separately, but rather as aligned, engaged and acknowledged participants.

In response to inquiries from our clients who face a world without guidelines for managing the hybrid workplace, Extens Consulting has launched a unique program called Camaraderie Spark.

This program is designed to address these all-too-familiar hybrid workplace challenges:

  • Collaboration
  • Innovation
  • Onboarding new team members
  • Internal networking
  • Absenteeism
  • Management – team member communications
  • Introduction of new technology

Our definition of Camaraderie

We define camaraderie as the glue that binds leaders and team members to work together and achieve mutually beneficial outcomes.

Our program for camaraderie is a recipe book, which provides leaders and team members with the training and tools to maximize productivity, high performing outcomes and job satisfaction in the hybrid work environment.

Here are few of our Camaraderie Spark recipes:

Plan for Random

This is a program that arranges for regularly scheduled networking meetings, where both leaders and team members can mingle and build relationships with others outside of their departments, enhance current working relationships and discuss new ideas.

Getting to Know You

This program is a meeting where new members meet and greet other team members and leaders to support them in feeling welcome and comfortable as they settle into the hybrid work environment.

Tech for All

Companies regularly add new technologies to enhance and facilitate productivity and communications. This on-site program makes the onboarding of and training in these technologies easy and comfortable for team members and leaders.

Innovation Day

This is a vital program to generate new ideas, approaches, solutions and advancements that fuel company growth and job satisfaction. It features speakers and breakout rooms where participants hatch ideas from one’s own and other departments.

Our Recipe Book

The step-by-step recipe book supports leaders to adjust corporate culture to demands of the hybrid environment and align company goals with team members’ interests and objectives.

We offer both private or group settings, tailored to the needs of individual enterprises.

The result is a hybrid workplace that generates gains in leadership, connection and performance among both leaders and team members.

Camaraderie Spark recipes produce maximum value for the company and the customers they serve.

The Extens team is happy to demonstrate how Camaraderie Spark recipes can serve an organization’s leadership that is committed to maximizing outcomes in the hybrid workplace. We will review specific challenges a company faces and suggest individualized approaches to meet those needs.

We welcome the opportunity to show how our Camaraderie Spark recipes provide sustenance for your palette to grow.

Contact us to learn more or set up a call to get more information about Camaraderie Spark: visit or set up a 15-minute meeting with Marty Katz!

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