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Defining your ambition and strategy in customer relationship is crucial in the life of an organization. At Extens Consulting, we are convinced that this is essential for developing action plans, enabling us to design relevant service promises and develop efficient internal service agreements. This often requires taking a step back that only a consulting firm, expert in the field, can bring.

In this context, we always recommend our customers to start with a benchmark. The goal is to be able to position your market strategy accordingly and define your ambitions in customer relationship. This is key to the successful outcome of your customer relationship management strategy.

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Position it's Market Strategy and it's ambitions

Define relational codes

Obtain a label, price, certification

Create an outsourced customer service

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Emmanuel RICHARD



« The customer experience is crucial for your business. Wherever the point of contact is (in store, on the phone, with the delivery person, etc.), the impact on the customer is very important and plays on the appreciation he has of your brand. At Extens Consulting, we help you define your ambition in terms of customer relationship to make every moment with your customers, a unique moment. »