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Camaraderie. Did you know that it was a French word widely used in the US?
Well, neither did Emmanuel RICHARD and Marty Katz.

The article below gives an insight into how Camaraderie is a vital business tool to strengthen team building.

The pandemic has impacted our team spirit with few having the chance to still share themselves with their colleagues. It is now time to launch ourselves post-pandemic.

So how to recreate bonds between a scattered team?

Get an overview in our new article with a definition of Camaraderie!

[Customer Effort Strategy Webinar]

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► Highlights of the webinar :
1. Customer C.A.R.E. Economy
2. Let the customer journey be a breeze!
3. Maintain a low-friction and low effort commitment
4. Avoid the Friction-Defection progression!

With Diane Stover-Hopkins, Leader Healthcare Practice at Extens Consulting, Author of “It’s Hard to be Easy”

“At Extens Consulting, there’s a full array of support for health care and non health care organizations related to the customer journey, to analytics, to looking at the current state and assessing what needs to be fixed.”

What kind of #customerjourneys after Covid-19?

Consumer habits and priorities have changed due to the pandemic. 

BtoB and BtoC companies must review how altered customer journeys and preferences can impact product and service offerings and delivery.

👉 Extens-Consulting has identified 3 Key Steps to help your team refresh your company’s relevancy for post-pandemic consumers.

#consumerbehavior #customerexperience


The pandemic has negatively impacted team dynamics. The solution? Camaraderie.

Business communities worldwide have seen profound isolation and dislocation as result of the pandemic.

Now is the time for management to take actions and generate productive working relationship after months of remote work.

A valuable solution is the development of camaraderie.
To continue our discussion about camaraderie, here is a video that expresses its value as seen by MyExtens. ( 👉 https://lnkd.in/gZXX6iF for last week’s post)

Learn about camaraderie in a business setting and how it improves productivity.

Our MyExtens partner, Marty Katz, Marketing Consultant specialized in Brand Messaging, talks about Camaraderie and highlights its relevance as we emerge from the pandemic.

Sale of goods, administrative management, provision of services, etc…. The B2B2C chain is present in many of our businesses. How does it apply to our daily lives? Extens Consulting explains in a few words the meaning of B2B2C.