Our tools to support companies in their customer needs analysis

Drawing on the technological expertise of partners, we have developed two new tools to outperform your customer needs analysis. The goal is to delve deeper in giving clients a better visibility on the investments being made to improve their customer experience.

Until now, no virtual reality customer experience simulation tool or real-time customer culture measurement tool was offered by a consulting firm. It is now done. Compliant with the GDPR, these tools complement our advanced support methodologies.

As part of a customer experience improvement project, these tools will be made available to Extens Consulting consultants to enable more detailed and forward-looking observations being made:

Simulation of customer experiences in virtual reality

It allows you to prototype innovative approaches to customer journey and validate the strategy before any physical development. The goal is to offer 360° immersion in the world of your brand, understand the possible interactions on the client or employee side, the choices made, and then draw quantified analyzes in order to make informed decisions.

Real-time measurement of the effects of customer culture on the customer experience

Based on artificial intelligence, the tool allows you to analyze the customer culture in your organization and its effects on customers, thanks to the semantic analysis of raw verbatim, and this, in real time. This tool can be part of a one-off process or in the form of an annual internal barometer, making it possible to assess progress and prioritize awareness actions over the long term.

Emmanuel RICHARD


“With these tools, Extens Consulting is able to place extremely accurate sensors at all levels on customer journeys. Our client companies are better able to make the right decisions and choose the right investments to achieve “