Experience lab workshop customer experience

Experience Lab: a collaborative day on the theme of Customer Experience

You feel the need to improve your customer experience, but have not yet identified which road to take. The Acticall-Sitel Group and Extens Consulting invite you to savor the Experience Lab.

The Experience Lab is a one-day collaborative innovation workshop around customer experience. This moment of sharing brings together designated members of your company and experts from Acticall-Sitel and its subsidiaries. It’s goal? Tackle the challenges of customer relationship in your company in all its aspects, deep-dive in the customer experience and collectively visualize new solutions.

Experience Lab is designed as a creative and inspirational space to put the diversity of skills of Acticall-Sitel and its subsidiaries at your service in order to help you improve your customer experience. The group owns a wide range of skills. Whether in contact center management, digital, chatbots, transformation of customer journeys, trainings, IT solutions, etc. we have the keys to develop the solutions at your side.

All Experience Lab workshops are customized and adapted to your context and concerns. Let us know how we can improve your customer experience !

Testimonies for the Experience Lab