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Conduct a field survey to decrypt lived experiences

Why evaluate the customer experience?


Customer satisfaction helps to perpetuate or weaken the activity of your company. Collect information from the field, identify irritants and levers of enchantment to understand what your customers are really experiencing.


Field surveys are a real benchmarking tool for your company or your competitors. This benchmark allows you to identify best practices and affirm your position in the market.


Your employees are the ambassadors of your brand: have visibility on how they interact with customers. Check the correct application of processes, evaluate the achievements of training and give your managers key animation.


Benefit from an objective analysis of your front office performance. Our operational approach allows you to define concrete actions to deploy with your teams, your subcontractors and your partners.

We help you to understand the reality of the field

You want to know the reality of the experience lived by your customers and collaborators?

You want to have an objective evaluation of your services compared to your competitors?

We give you the keys to understand what is happening in real life on your customer and employee journeys.

At your side, we accompany you in evaluating a particular service, a specific aspect or even a contact channel. We help you focus this evaluation on the strategic points, to better control them.

At the end of the survey, we guide you in the deployment of identified improvement actions.


The added value of Extens Consulting

We are a member of the AFNOR committee and founding member of Esprit de Service France

We dedicate an expert to your study, specialist in your sector of activity

We are the creator of the indicator of the C2ES Customer and Employee Facility

We believe in the obligation of result

We will make you benefit from our 360 ° vision of Customer Relationship

Your brand experience

The boundaries between physical and digital are blurring. Customers now live multi-channel experiences. We are inscribing this study in a guided global approach by your strategy to establish a representative photograph of your brand experience.


The customer journey during a service

In a tense competitive environment, the knowledge of your customers is a major asset. We accompany you to acquire a complete knowledge of the buying process and the decision-making process of your customers. This analysis allows you to calculate the return on investment of your shares in order to prioritize them, according to the perception of your customers, your employees and the economic reality.

A contact channel

In an omni-channel world, contact channels are diverse and each responds to specific customer expectations. Facilitate and streamline your experiences so that they respect the market standards and respond to consumer expectations in constant evolution. Evaluate a contact channel: shop, call center, website, application, mail, phone, chatbot, voicebot …


A moment of truth

The moment of truth is the moment when the experience changes positively or negatively and leaves a significant footprint for your clients. For example, the commissioning of a contract, its termination, the declaration of a claim, the payment, etc.

We decode the sources of dissatisfaction on these key moments and then recommend appropriate corrective actions to lead to customer loyalty and develop your brand experience.

A customer target

As a company, the profiles of your customers can be diverse (millennials, seniors, …) and tailoring is difficult and expensive.

Enrich your customer knowledge, identify expectations specific to your target and integrate the enchantment factors into your customer loyalty and winning strategy.


Collaborative experience

The provider relationship. The experience of your customers is produced in the back office by your employees and service providers. In a process of continuous improvement, evaluate them in order to identify the operational actions to be undertaken to build a effective collective entrepreneurial spirit and strengthen the commitment of all. These results will enable you to develop the tools, adapt the processes or even detect training needs.

Your competitors

Customers are volatile and brands continually reinvent their customer experiences. Stay tuned to the market is essential. Our field surveys provide a better understanding of your competitors’ experience with hospitality and service. We evaluate their elements of language, posture, time of care, contact channels, etc. You can then position yourself in relation to them and identify good practices to deploy.