Hyper-Nudge to reboot consumption

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The Covid-19 pandemic has pushed us to reflect on the new world and to find solutions to the challenges presented to consumption. To that end, Extens Consulting has conducted extensive research and has developed a unique ‘hyper-nudge’ based strategy led by Benjamin Peykani, anthropology expert and strategy consultant.

► Interview with anthropologist Benjamin Peykani

Extens Consulting: How do you define hyper-nudge ?

Hyper-nudge involves constructing targeted messages, that allow us to tap into our collective unconscious for decision making.

How do you apply hyper-nudge in the consumer world ?

The hyper-nudge solution co-developed with Extens Consulting aims to promote the return to consumption for high-end consumers.

Based on an analysis of motivations for purchasing, we are able to target consumers to awaken their unconscious and guide their decision making priorities.

Concretely, can you share examples of hyper-nudge messages ?

Here are two examples:

In the cosmetics sector, for a person who prefers “tried and tested” products that are environmentally sound, we could send them the following:

“Reconciling the environment and beauty needn’t be so expensive, even for a French product”

In the banking sector, for someone who is financially-minded, we could send them the following:

“Reduce risks by investing in responsible finance”

Context is an essential element in the construction of a hyper-nudge message and its dissemination.

Why is it necessary to rethink our approach to sales and to consumers ?

Consumption has massively changed and will continue to do so. Economic life after COVID-19 will require greater levels of solidarity and social responsibility. It is likely, too, that production will be increasingly local and based on models of sustainable development. As a result, products and services will cost more, but will also be more long-lasting.

Companies must modify their products and approaches in line with the new priorities of consumers: sustainability, responsibility and solidarity.

It is essential for companies to inform now that their products and approaches are up to the new priorities of consumers: sustainability, responsibility and solidarity.

With Extens Consulting, we are ready to take up the challenge with the Brands!