New White Paper! “GDPR: a unique opportunity to reinvent your customer relationships”

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The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will take effect in May 2018. Extens Consulting invites you to discover its new white paper on GDPR. Discover what GDPR is about and its impact on customer experience.


Discover the new Extens Consulting White Paper “GDPR: a unique opportunity to reinvent your customer relationships”. This white paper is decoding the General Data Protection Regulation and its objectives. Through our expert analysis, we show that behind GDPR compliance hides a host of opportunities for customer experience and customer journeys. Data, occupying a central place in the customer journey, will thus play a key role in consumer experience. May 25th, 2018 does not, therefore, mark the end of the process to become compliant with the GDPR.

« The regulation will build trust and create value, enabling us to move toward a more respectful, engaged customer experience » 

Content of the GDPR White Paper


1.1 The GDPR: safeguarding European personal data
1.2 The GDPR: a dual opportunity for brands

2.1 From personal to relational data
2.2 Ease and trust enter the relationship between brands and consumers

3.1 The data journey within a customer journey


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  • GDPR compliance assistance
  • Measurement of the GDPR’s impact on customer and employee experience
  • Support for the integration of GDPR requirements in managerial practices
  • Delegation of expertise for a DPO

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